I feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog for a couple months now.
I’ve started several posts about different things, but the priority to finish those hasn’t been incredibly high.
I can always go back to wrap them up, and eventually, I will.

The reality is that I needed to step away for a few weeks and let my thoughts be my own.
I was getting to a point where my identity was starting to be wrapped up in being a blogger.
Having a lot of views one month, being invited to join a group of bloggers passionate about men’s discipleship the next…
It is really easy for attention like that to go to the head of someone who has been in such a desperate search for his life to be significant to others.

I didn’t want to let that happen.
So, I backed off.

And booked a flight to Colorado.

The third session of RHYTHMinTWENTY starts in a couple hours.
To gather with so many other brothers and warriors in the faith and in ministry to discuss the idea of finishing well is an incredible thing.
Two years ago when I showed up in Estes Park, I was ready to quit ministry altogether.

I was beaten up by the church I was serving, and needed to be poured into and loved on.
I had no idea the influence these men would have on my life.
Or what it would mean to come together again and again, being held accountable for the years.
To have to show where I am now compared to then.

The difference is enormous.
Relationships have been so key for the healing that has taken place over the past two years.
There are guys who push me to be better than I am.
There are guys who intentionally take me out of my comfort zone to experience a more full life by taking more substantial risks.
And there are guys who I know would kick my ass if I ever began to doubt my calling, or if I ever got to that point where ministry is about what I can do.

So, this week is about that.
It will be a great time to really look back and see where God has brought me from.
And more importantly to get a glimpse at the story He is writing for my future.

Though, honestly, it does feel a little strange to be talking about finishing well when I feel like my story is truly just about to begin.

Peace and love.

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